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360° VIEWS

Outdoor capture now available with 360° Views!

With 360° Views, we can now capture sweeping outdoor imagery to include with your immersive 3D walkthroughs.


Key takeaways:


  • Capture stunning outdoor images of property’s exterior to use as your hero image

  • Show off sweeping coastal views, beautiful landscapes and local areas

  • Include unattached structures like sheds, pool houses, building lobbies, etc.

  • Highlight indoor and outdoor amenities

What are 360° Views?


360° Views are 2D spherical images processed as part of your Matterport Spaces. Much like Google Street View, 360° Views allow a viewer to look up, down, and all around a location from a single fixed point. They are captured with the Matterport Pro Camera before, during, or after 3D scanning a Space. They can be accessed directly from the Highlight Reel or set as the Start location of your 3D tour, but are not included in the Dollhouse view.


Special note: A 360° View is different from a 3D Scan, as it only shows a 360 degree image.  You are not able to virtually "walk through" the image as in the rest of the showcase.  It will be displayed int he highlight reel of the 3D tour with the additional photo gallery.

See 360° Views in action!

Cllick the play button below.  In the Highlight Reel at the bottom, look for the images with the 360 Spin icon            at the top.

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